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Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Welcome to ATEITH!

Thank you for considering Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH) for your Erasmus exchange studies. Your decision to become a member of the Erasmus community by studying abroad will by all odds affect your entire life and career. ATEITH and our personnel promise to offer you an unforgettably wonderful experience both in learning and everyday life during your stay in Thessaloniki.

Within the pages of International Relations Office of ATEITH, you will find all the information and guidance you need in order to become an Erasmus exchange student in ATEITH. However, first of all have a close look to the following information regarding Erasmus Charter, your rights and responsibilities.

Erasmus Student Charter

All Erasmus students will be given an Erasmus Student Charter by their home university or higher education institution before departing on their study or placement period abroad. The Student Charter provided in the form of a leaflet highlights the rights and obligations of students participating in Erasmus. It informs Erasmus students about what they are entitled to and what is expected of them during their secondment for studies or for a placement. In particular, the Erasmus Student Charter outlines the basic entitlements of the Erasmus students, such as free tuition and full recognition of studies or placements abroad. The Charter also specifies the main obligations of the Erasmus students, providing them with a concise idea of their duties with regard to both their home and host higher education institutions.

Rights and responsibilities of the Erasmus incoming students

The following section discusses the specific responsibilities and rights of the incoming Erasmus exchange students by providing an outline of what students can expect from ATEITH and what ATEITH can expect from students. Furthermore, ATEITH will provide support services and academic services to ease the difficulties that students face during their time in ATEITH and to facilitate students’ academic progress and the overall student experience.

As an Erasmus student, you are entitled to expect:

  • Your home Institution and ATEITH to have an inter-institutional agreement.
  • The sending Institution and ATEITH to sign with you and before you leave a Learning/Training Agreement setting out the details of your planned activities abroad, including the credits to be achieved. Sitting for final exams during the formal examination periods
  • To enjoy an excellent academic education and a broad social education in a good study environment free from abuse and discrimination.
  • To be a full member of the ATEITH community and to be treated and served with dignity and respect by ATEITH in the same way as its home students.
  • To receive guidance and support, both academic and personal.
  • To have universal access to all the opportunities and support ATEITH has to offer.
  • To be able to submit your views and complaints about the provided services and if there is anything you think is wrong or which does not work as it should.
  • To receive response to queries within a reasonable time frame.
  • Not to have to pay fees to your host Institution for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities during your Erasmus studies.
  • Full academic recognition from your home Institution for satisfactorily completed activities during the Erasmus mobility period, in accordance with the Learning/Training Agreement.
  • To be given a transcript of records at the end of your activities abroad, covering the studies/work carried out and signed by ATEITH/enterprise. This will record your results with the credits and grades achieved. If the placement was not part of the normal curricula, the period will at least be recorded in the Diploma Supplement.
  • To have access to the Erasmus University Charter and Erasmus Policy Statement of your home Institution and ATEITH.
  • Your student grant from your home country to be maintained while you are abroad.

As an Erasmus student, you are expected to:

  • Apply on time and respect the application procedures of ATEITH.
  • Respect the rules and obligations of your Erasmus grant agreement with your home Institution or your National Agency.
  • Ensure that any changes to the Learning/Training Agreement are agreed in writing with both the home Institution and ATEITH as soon as possible.
  • Spend the full study/placement period as agreed at ATEITH, including committing to your program of study, undergoing the relevant examinations or other forms of assessment and respect its rules and regulations.
  • Be a part of the ATEITH community and commit to treat all its members with dignity and respect
  • Provide feedback about your Erasmus study/placement period if requested by your home university, the European Commission or the National Agency.
  • Take advantage of extracurricular opportunities.
  • Be proactive in informing yourself about the services and in seeking their assistance.
  • Provide feedback about provided facilities and services if requested by ATEITH.


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